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There are a lot of place for you to stay in Koh Lipe, Thailand. There are three main beaches on Koh Lipe which are Pattaya Beach, Sunset Beach, and Sunrise Beach.

There are over 60 guesthouses on the island. While some places may charge as little as 500 baht for very basic accommodation in the high season, these guesthouses sell out quickly. Most places will charge 1,000 baht+. Some hotels will have a sign advertising cheaper rates, but when you go inside to inquire, those rooms will inevitably be unavailable.

Pattaya Beach

logomakr_1rzxus Bundhaya Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Mali Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Sita Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Bella Vista Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Green View Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Akira Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Bundhaya Villas
logomakr_1rzxus Family Song Bunngalow
logomakr_1rzxus The Breeze Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Seaside Resort and Family Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Blue Tribes Garden Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Forra Diving Resort
logomakr_1rzxus The Breeze Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Bu-Nga Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Paradise Cottage Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Davy Jones Locker Hotel
logomakr_1rzxus D Jing Hostel
logomakr_1rzxus Bonus Resort

Sunset Beach

logomakr_1rzxus Mountain Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Lipe Sunset Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Pitiusas Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Bayview Sunset Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Lipe Sunset Forest Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Raya Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Palm Inn Lipe
logomakr_1rzxus The Cliff Lipe Sunset Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Plawan Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Cozy Cove
logomakr_1rzxus Phuritra Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Smuggler's Hideaway Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Baan Artima Mini Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Smile Sunset Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Sawan Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Blue Sky Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Morgan Sunset Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus The Hut


Sunrise Beach 

logomakr_1rzxus Idyllic Concept Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Lipe Power Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Castaway Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Anda Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Sunrise Beach
logomakr_1rzxus Lipe Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Ten Moon Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Salisa Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Adang Sea Divers & Eco Lodge
logomakr_1rzxus Serendipity Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Baan Kasirin Resort 2
logomakr_1rzxus Kaixolipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Zanom Sunrise Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Kathalee Beach Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Adaman Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Satun Dive Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Usen Lipe Resort

Walking Street

logomakr_1rzxus Gecko Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Ricci House Resort
logomakr_1rzxus The Reef
logomakr_1rzxus The Box Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus NT House Koh Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Lipe Inn
logomakr_1rzxus Gipsy 2 Bungalows
logomakr_1rzxus The Green Hotel
logomakr_1rzxus San Pita Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Serene Resort Lipe
logomakr_1rzxus Oasis Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Leelawadee Lipe Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Chawlay Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Baan Peang Por Hostel
logomakr_1rzxus Shanti Hostel
logomakr_1rzxus A Plus Hotel
logomakr_1rzxus The Key Hotel
logomakr_1rzxus Poohbar Resort& Lotusdive
logomakr_1rzxus Mama Resort
logomakr_1rzxus Lantern Inn
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